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Aug. 13th, 2012 12:24 am
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He does awesome redesigns of super heroes both of Marvel and DC - And, among others, he did the 80's high school terake on Star Wars I told some of my RL friends about. =3

Check it out, it's awesome.
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The Dr. Who anime's artist:

Gallery's kinda rad.
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Dear perverted fellow artists.

Our prayers had been answered.
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BTW, a few of joo asked me before about this guy doing full body colored CG commissions for $15... Here he is. He's a darling, too.
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People are pairing Sam Witwicky with Bumblebee.

. . .

Okay, so, it's, like, totally obvious, but... still. What would Optimus say...? *dies from laughter*

transformers funnies behind the cut - IMAGE HEAVY!! )

And now, to quieter waters:

Slasher or not, read it, it's just too damn cute for words. Honestly.

"art" dump

Oct. 27th, 2006 02:22 am
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I scanned and colored a few sketches today. They were done for RPs I'm participating in, all KH, of course. I decided to share the goodies. ^^ Note that these are really just sketches, quickly inked, and colored without really paying attention.

A pirate's life for me )

Moonlight Nocturne )

Halloween Surprise )
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I was thinking... An unhealthy habit, I should quit. Because this and the recently reclaimed X-men drive spawns bizarre things... Dangerous, sinister things... Like a Marvel AU. An AU, where Xavier is officially a bishonen and Magneto is more or less normal.

Imagine... )
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I hate Firefox... Stupid browser remembers EVERYTHING I punch in... except my LJ codes. Fuck.

Anyway. Here's my entry to the [ profile] fma_yaoi contest. Unexpected enough? XD

NOTE: The edges are a bit rugged because it is a transparent gif. Gifs are like that. When you put it on a dark-ish background, it looks just fine.

He's enjoying it, I tell ya'... ^_^ )
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Two pics I did at work today. ^_^

Maes x Farman )

Armstrong x Brosh )
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2,5 images; Two versions of the same ScarxAl pic and a neat ScarxEd one. ^^ Despite my lack of skill concerning tablet using, they turned out quite well.

Rated PG-13/PG - for ME. For you, it's Fuckin' not worksafe. Jeez, what kind of people stalk my journal without me noticing...? oO Hey! I didn't put info on the userpage for nothing! I'm the Slash Queen of Hungary! Of course my journal is stuffed with porn!

Cut fer teh shiniez )
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I wanna know, where I am with these... If you're interested, check the [ profile] 30_lemons

crossed: done
italicized: WIP
small: have an idea

The list of the 30_lemons challenges )
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You won’t know the worth of everyday pleasures until they’re gone. Like electricity. Nasty blackouts, huh? When the computer can’t function, the TV is mute and there’s no light either. Annoying, isn’t it?

The not-so-heroic tale of OKami’s shower )

I discovered the joys of pixel art recently; and I started to draw a room. That’s so totally me: why begin with simple things when I can do a large, complex image first? It develops nicely though; here’s the proof: A friendly little room )

BTW, look at this:
Isn’t it the khyoothest little thing evah?

And this…:

It’s always the quiet ones. I love Fury to death. ^^

Dolls created with Candybar doll maker:
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Another Coeur d'Acier fanart. Roy this time. ^^ Blue goes well with him.
Blue Flame )
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First fanart! )

*evil cackle*


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