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Aug. 7th, 2013 04:22 pm
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okami_hu: no nonsense (okami_smexy)
Just got this in a DA note-

"Hello miss,

I've, ah. Gone ahead and refunded your money. I've been keeping you waiting far too long at this point, and I do apologize. I think it was just bad timing on my part to accept the commission, though I do intend to finish the pic very soon! Hopefully tomorrow I can sit down and finish it up completely and do a good job of it. I just feel awful that I've left you hanging so long for one pic. I'm sorry, and I thank you very much for commissioning me!"

The commission was $15 and I placed it at the beginning of August. I've had two people before who kept me waiting for a YEAR... one was a $30 commish, the other $50. And they both kinda sucked. This girl refunded me after nearly two months and I WILL have the picture in the end - I've seen the sketch, it's gonna be awesome. (It's of Aspin, RL peeps.)

Faith in humanity: +50
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.Commission. Val and Rush
by *Ysa on deviantART

My two recent Star Wars characters. The horned guy is Val Shif, and the other is Rush Soto. The latter is not a Sith, no matter how angry he looks. ^^ Commissioned for $20. It was worth every cent.
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Anise keeps complaining about the hot weather.
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Won the Ronin group contest again. How surprising!

What do you ask from prizemakers who only do badly copied Disney / Sailormoon-based anatomy pics...? >> I already told one girl I don't WANT a tote bag. (At least she does decent chibies, maybe I can have one.)

(Do not congratulate me, I'm not winning because I'm that awesome. I win because I'm the best artist in the whole group, and that's not saying much. Well, at least the best artist who actually DOES contest entries. There might be better people. They just never compete. I mean, this last contest had three entries. And the group has 157 members. The theme-poll had 62 votes total. Lazyasses. >( )


Aug. 31st, 2010 04:43 pm
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Harry Potter and the East Front.


I have no words.


Christők koppintva, méghozzá innen: http://a-chris.livejournal.com/261518.html#cutid1

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Olybá tűnik, kénytelen vagyok megadni magam a Sorsnak, és venni egy BJD-t...

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