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Jotun Bride Thorki, possible AU's beginning, some slightly underage exploration, probs worth a PG.

LoliLoki Thorki, Possible AU - crossover with Journey into Mystery (recent comics arc) and Avengers!Verse, Thor being a pedo and Loki being Lolita. Handjobs, probs an R. (Venger!Loki 'died' then resurfaced as a teenage female version of himself.)

Moody Teen Loki Based on this fanfic, which speculates that Loki is actually about sixteen years old in Midgard terms. Convo between a somewhat more contained Loki and Pepper. No smut.

Gears of Fire excerpt Steampunk Avengers AU, Fem!Loki/Hawkeye, erotic breastfeeding, tonguejob, female ejaculation. (Loki recently gave birth and is kinda restless so he goes to this fancy London club where s/he meets with Clint and finds release. I'd say it's kinky as fuck, but Clint has mommy issues and it's cute.)

Exercise AU Journey into Mystery piece, Thorki, delicious NC-17 shotaporn.

StalkerLoki Typical example of 'conversation got derailed'. Frostiron, gen, Loki is a simple (albeit special) human.

Glitching Jarvis totally gen and very short android Jarvis and Tony snippet; Jarv was hacked.

Script bits

Nov. 2nd, 2012 06:51 am
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Thor/Avengers random rp logs that might or might not turn into fics.

Hell knows why I'm posting them.

Pitfighter/Mafia AU - Loki is the actual son of Laufey, is currently a pitfighter, Thor is son of the crime boss Odin, modern day, no magic/fantasy elements, contains some smut.

cute Pepper/Jarvis convo - Tony is after Cap's ass, and he neglects his companions. Android Jarvis takes it hard and Pepper attempts to cheer him up. Totally gen.
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Originally, we just wanted some prison!sex. Then the concept of femme!Loki came up. And it looks like the prisonsex will be followed by exile, and after that-

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Thorki fic in the works: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1N0YP9rLk3w0EB_jjBdyBWqPmE12AqwNY_IobMQ0VA38/edit

Those who are interested but not quite RL friends: Loki managed to girl himself up, and he and Thor are in the process of a test run on the new installations. Still no smut ATM, but it's fast approaching. >3


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