Aug. 11th, 2013 02:13 am
okami_hu: no nonsense (journal) Avengers toys. And by 'toys', I mean... yes. >3

Also: --> A Bajori csaj, Gia oldala; magyar, fórumalapú SW rpg, ami még mindig aktívnak tűnik. Ezt a legtöbb hasonló jelenség nem mondhatja el magáról többéves fennálás után. Szeretnék ide bekerülni, és tudnék értékelni pár ismerőst. (Azt hiszem, a közösségnek szüksége lenne egy kis vérfrissítésre. >3)

Az elő ötletem kerakterre agy Skirata-menekült klón volt, aki szépen kapott egy egész életet... és rájött, hogy fogalma sincs, mihez kezdjen vele. Ilyen mercenary jellegű arc, aki iszik és csajozik; valamint fogakat ver ki, orrokat tör be és plazmával etet másokat. De ott van még Val, vagy akár Rush, bár a Jedi karakterek trükkös dolgok.

AU a sztori, Vader nincs, Birodalom van, A Rend még létezik de bújkál, Rebel Alliance azt hiszem éppen épül ki és Palpatine helyett valami homályos okból egy random Sith ül a császári trónon... Bocsássunk meg nekik, mi is voltunk fiatalok.

Canon karik nincsenek, csak OCk. Mondjuk, van köztük egy Kyp Durron, de hajlok rá, hogy ezt elnézzem.
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I wanted some images of a Coruscant Guard. A Wiki page came up. A link on the bottom looked quite interesting, speaking about a "Force-sensitive ARC trooper"

It landed me here

And it progressed...

Project 33 aka Palpatine had a son with lung cancer
AU Padmé aka the rise of Annikin Starkiller
Nibiru Xibalba, Destroyer of Worlds
Sithspawn erathyrs - beware, they will eat your Jedi

I am not entirely sure what to make of this.
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Female Intelligence officers bred on Kamino (located on DA)

I mean... what. Am I being way too judgmental again...?

This guy

Aug. 13th, 2012 12:24 am
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He does awesome redesigns of super heroes both of Marvel and DC - And, among others, he did the 80's high school terake on Star Wars I told some of my RL friends about. =3

Check it out, it's awesome.
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Seo Kaoru: In X-Men 3 Magneto and Professor X were both old, and meeting up with Phoenix, and Professor X could walk... while in First Class, he lost his ability to walk THE MOMENT him and Magneto split up as a team.

Semyaza: Maybe Professor X was just faking it.

Seo Kaoru: Faking walking? LOL

And the rest )
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All the SW/CW stories were added, Tron is going to be arranged shortly.

Also located on Googledocs

Tell me if something isn't working, and try out that comment feature. =3
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Don't say I'm not giving enough pointers. XD

It's the Riyo vs random clone story (my RL friends know what I'm talking about)

Hello, Uran. Imagine that, nobody dies in this one. XD It's het, and you can look up the girl, she's a pretty blue chic.
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One of the SW fics I promised - the Zabrak and the Twi'leks.

You can totally friend the journal.
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A very nicely drawn and incredibly stupid story.

Whyyy, God, whyyyy. >>
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Dooku is standing next to a disguised Kenobi and can't sense him.

Windu is standing next to Palpatine and can't sense him.

The Force is a steroid. It gives you great abilities and destroys your mind.

On another note, the books usually make the Jedi seem way more powerful than they are in the movies or animation.
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Ezen mindig kiakadok. XDDD


Jan. 27th, 2012 05:05 pm
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Cefca Payaso
She [female Jedi npc in an rp] can't die horribly.

EVERY JEDI DIES. Just not now.

Cefca Payaso
>3> *Pushes.*
Curse your allegiance to story lines.

Slave to canon, forever. I'm gonna tattoo that on my ass.

Cefca Payaso
Let me know which cheek, so I know where to aim when I see you.
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.Commission. Val and Rush
by *Ysa on deviantART

My two recent Star Wars characters. The horned guy is Val Shif, and the other is Rush Soto. The latter is not a Sith, no matter how angry he looks. ^^ Commissioned for $20. It was worth every cent.
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" Star Wars: The Clone Wars garnered five nominations as the International Animated Film Society announced their top selections for the 39th Annual Annie Awards. The talented team behind the series from Lucasfilm Animation was recognized in the categories listed below:

• Best General Audience Animated TV Production
• Animated Effects in an Animated Production: Joel Aron
• Voice Acting in a Television Production: Dee Bradley Baker as the clone troopers
• Voice Acting in a Television Production: Nika Futterman as Asajj Ventress
• Editing in Television Production: Jason W.A. Tucker

For more information, visit the official Annie Awards site: [link] "

Fuckyeah Dee Bradley Baker. He is an awesome, awesome human being. <3

Comic Con ladies, please pack some crowbars, because if I see this man, I'll be all over him. XD


I don't like the Sith at all, but... that's a freaking pretty thing. O__O
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CW enthusiasts:

Watch both trailers. I'm blown away by the fact that Rex is with them, and this descent into deeper, darker themes like betrayal and slavery suits the series. Guns do kill people now and I can see Anakin drifting towards the Dark Side.

Looks like somebody at Lucas' got his act together. >3


Oct. 30th, 2011 04:47 am
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Why should I watch war movies when I can watch Clone Wars…?

Shit got real. It’s amazing, but I don’t necessarily need to like it. If anything happens to Rex, the Goddess help me, I’m going to throttle the first guy from the staff I come across on ComicCon. That does not include the VAs of course. Holy shit, Dee Bradley Baker is making a superb job here. And maybe the animators will be spared, too. My heart clenched at every moment I was able to tell what a clone thinks even though he had the helmet on.

After 12 hours of marching through rough terrain, taking a direct route to the capital one needs to siege and ‘engage whatever we encounter’ is a bad strategy. Even I know that.


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