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Part 2: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YSmVEdL4rZ4uLwC0fkp8_YHJoMjdsTkpbQR83MNUCb0/edit?usp=sharing

Part 3: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qIQCyCCVV3da_zgfM6DMqal3fss5zTKTSrSaSSRA_68/edit?usp=sharing

Part 3 contains hetsmut, no squicks or kinks. But I think the English there will cause much WTFing. =/

Huge thanks and virtual cookies for Orsi, who went through the first part and checked it. <3 But others can do that, too.

Ez beteg XD

Dec. 3rd, 2013 05:11 pm
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Öcsém küldte, bizonyítva, hogy azért még nem elveszett ember...

"Kalandos szerepjáték postakocsikkal, vándordiákokkal, rablólovagokkal, papokkal, kálomista felforgatókkal, szegénylegényekkel, hétpróbás zsoldosokkal, szépasszonyokkal, szabadsághősökkel, garaboncziásokkal, flintákkal és emberevő varjakkal."

Ez nekem már egyből eladta a cuccot, de a beltartalom se kismiska. XD
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Jotun Bride Thorki, possible AU's beginning, some slightly underage exploration, probs worth a PG.

LoliLoki Thorki, Possible AU - crossover with Journey into Mystery (recent comics arc) and Avengers!Verse, Thor being a pedo and Loki being Lolita. Handjobs, probs an R. (Venger!Loki 'died' then resurfaced as a teenage female version of himself.)

Moody Teen Loki Based on this fanfic, which speculates that Loki is actually about sixteen years old in Midgard terms. Convo between a somewhat more contained Loki and Pepper. No smut.

Gears of Fire excerpt Steampunk Avengers AU, Fem!Loki/Hawkeye, erotic breastfeeding, tonguejob, female ejaculation. (Loki recently gave birth and is kinda restless so he goes to this fancy London club where s/he meets with Clint and finds release. I'd say it's kinky as fuck, but Clint has mommy issues and it's cute.)

Exercise AU Journey into Mystery piece, Thorki, delicious NC-17 shotaporn.

StalkerLoki Typical example of 'conversation got derailed'. Frostiron, gen, Loki is a simple (albeit special) human.

Glitching Jarvis totally gen and very short android Jarvis and Tony snippet; Jarv was hacked.

Script bits

Nov. 2nd, 2012 06:51 am
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Thor/Avengers random rp logs that might or might not turn into fics.

Hell knows why I'm posting them.

Pitfighter/Mafia AU - Loki is the actual son of Laufey, is currently a pitfighter, Thor is son of the crime boss Odin, modern day, no magic/fantasy elements, contains some smut.

cute Pepper/Jarvis convo - Tony is after Cap's ass, and he neglects his companions. Android Jarvis takes it hard and Pepper attempts to cheer him up. Totally gen.
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.Commission. Val and Rush
by *Ysa on deviantART

My two recent Star Wars characters. The horned guy is Val Shif, and the other is Rush Soto. The latter is not a Sith, no matter how angry he looks. ^^ Commissioned for $20. It was worth every cent.
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Human beings generally like to belong. They need interaction and I'm not an exception to that.

So I join RPcomms and forums and chats, and have friends.

For a while.

Annual whining follows )


Dec. 21st, 2010 08:08 pm
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Anybody wants to join? Rinzler and Gem are taken, CLU's on hold, the current OCs are awesome. I know most players, they're cool. And, it won't start until the 1st of January.



Jun. 21st, 2010 07:41 pm
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Azt mondják ugyan, hogy tök felesleges leírni minden apró marhaságot a kariról, mert a kedvenc ételétől nem lesz több a jelleme, de azért én bennehagytam azt is. >3

Magyar verzió: http://cid-06e14c12a802240b.office.live.com/self.aspx/Randomz/Awesome%5E_charsheet%5E_HUN.doc

English version: http://cid-06e14c12a802240b.office.live.com/view.aspx/Randomz/Awesome%5E_charsheet.doc

És amennyiben valakit érdekel, Horatio karakterlapja; angolul. http://cid-06e14c12a802240b.office.live.com/view.aspx/Randomz/%5E_Horatio%5E_Newton%5E_Whitlock.doc
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Pofátlan leszek ám nagyon... ^__^


RP issues

Nov. 8th, 2009 06:18 am
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Nesztek blog.

Chrisnek meséltem, hogy a Transformers RPGmbe jelentkezett egy kiscsaj, aki második rákérdezés (és közben eltelt három nap) után bevallotta, hogy még csak 16. Nem, mintha bármi bajom lenne a fiatalkorúakkal (omnomnom. >3), meg fake journal-t is gyártott, hogy csatlakozni tudjon a restricted commomhoz; és értékeltem, hogy bevallott mindent. Hagynám játszani, de azért... hozhatna egy értelmes karaktert. >>

mégtöbbblog )
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Cím nélküli, tökéletesen G-ratinges szösszenet - alkalomadtán majd nevet is keresek szegény teremtésnek.

ívöl forsedóving )
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Where's a mod when you need one...?


Totally unrelated note: I've sen Dune today.

Will not slash Vladimir Harkonnen. EVER.

Feyd-Rautha on the other hand... XD

Off playing ToS. Sayyadina Chanda reached lvl23.
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As of late, two drabble-like pieces of writing were posted here featuring 'nyonkas' - a type of nagas. I'll proudly admit that I invented them for shameful, kinky sex, trying to justify all my kinks I picked up while prowling the pr0n section of my favorite image boards.

The idea is up for grabs, feel free to use the concept with your own chars (unless they're some blatant Mary Sues/Gary Stus), though credit would be nice.

the Nyonka species )

"art" dump

Oct. 27th, 2006 02:22 am
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I scanned and colored a few sketches today. They were done for RPs I'm participating in, all KH, of course. I decided to share the goodies. ^^ Note that these are really just sketches, quickly inked, and colored without really paying attention.

A pirate's life for me )

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