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Ishbal Dreams ch28 )
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What is „Ishbal Dreams”? It’s basically an alternate universe story, in which, Maes Hughes is none other but the Prince of Ishbal. The time-setting is somewhat earlier than the anime; think the middle of the 1800’s.

After a lost battle, the Ishbalites bring Roy Mustang, Central’s general to the Palace for interrogation. The handsome man captures Maes’s attention and thanks to the mutual lust, they eventually fall in love with each other.

The fic tells the story of their relationship, the small and bigger obstacles they have to overcome. Many other characters make their appearance as well and tons of smut happens. The main focus is on Maes and Roy but there are side couples, such as Scar/Greed, Kimbley/Greed, Havoc/Fury, Roy/Farman or Scar/Roy. Currently, there’s one chapter which is entirely het (Greed/Lust).

As none of the authors are native English-speakers and we tend to write in the middle of the night, the chapters have grammar and style mistakes. We'd be eternally grateful for a thorough beta. When we're not aware of our mistakes, we cannot learn from then. Thank you.

Chapter 01
Chapter 02
Chapter 03
Chapter 04
Chapter 05
Chapter 06

First season is closed. (And it's supposed to be beta-ed, too.)

Chapter 07
Chapter 08
Chapter 09
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Chapter 15

Exclusive interview with Roy, Maes and Scar

chapter 16
chapter 17
chapter 18

The second season is closed!

chapter 19
chapter 20
chapter 21
chapter 22
chapter 23
chapter 24
chapter 25
chapter 26
chapter 27
chapter 28
chapter 29
chapter 30
chapter 31
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Y’know, I just learned how fucking intimidating it feels when you stumble into a near-suicide note on one of your best friend’s LJ.

”Don’t” )
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A drabble for the "Meals" contest on fma_100.

What it takes

All the alchemist would agree, that recreating Maes Hughes takes a lot more, than the usual stuff for the human body.
You’ll need a good measure of humor. Two jugs of tenderness at least. HUGE amounts of burning love. A spoonful of manipulative nature and mysteriousness. A big bowl of brilliant intelligence. Friendliness, loyalty and curiosity are another important ingredients, just like artistic skills – what did you think, who took all those pictures?
Aside of the taboo, this is, what would keep the alchemists from resurrecting Hughes.
These things can’t be created; and without them, that creature won’t be him.

I'm not sure it'll do but heck... This was fun to write. ^__^
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I strongly hope, this will look like I planned. First try with richtext mode, you know. If it looks bad, blame the penguin. Edited. ^^

Disclaimer: World & characters are the property of Arakawa Hiromu and Square/Enix. However, the fic itself belongs to me (OKami). I have to stress that – sadly – I’m not making any money from this.

Rating: NC-17. I love lemon juice.

Warnings: kind of a pwp with some interesting bits of information

Pairing: Hughes x Roy

Note: Since I haven’t seen anything about this couple which was deeper than a PG, I decided to do it myself. To tell the truth, I’m not fully pleased by it; the guys were shy and it didn’t turn out as juicy as I planned. Anyway. If you see italic, that’s a flashback. I wanted to write a fic about how *I* imagine Roy’s family and past life; but the details just sneaked into this story. ~shrugs~ Such is life. Besides, I think, Roy Mustang himself is actually the FMA-world’s biggest plot hole.

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Okay, so these are the drabbles I've written this far and even posted somewhere.

Fury drabbles Consists of five drabbles, all focusing on my favorite sergeant major. Located on Deviantart.com.

The 20-word drabble series (Roy x Fury) 20 drabbles (how surprising...) Located on Deviantart.com.

Military drabbles 12 drabbles, each focusing on one military member. Located on Deviantart.com

Slash drabbles 5 drabbles; ratings go from G to PG-13 perhaps. Does the mentioning of Envy x Wrath worth the PG-13...? Located on Fanfiction.net.

And at last, a double drabble which wasn't written by me; it was done by kira_k. I just translated it because originally it was written in Hungarian. Enjoy.

Char: Roy
Rating: PG-13
Warning: suicide
Spoilers: none

He was cold and his throat felt sore. It was way too early to think clearly but it didn’t matter; walking in the slimly weather (they called that the car had broken down) required no brain activity.
Of course, he couldn’t completely shut off his thoughts – he couldn’t do that even as a simple private.
He remembered his once brave, now unimportant dreams, the battle of powers, the actual office intricacies, but none of those seemed to be important. It was all useless.
Roy smiled bitterly – he was useless as well. He wasn’t a useful member of society; he couldn’t even correct the mistakes of the past!
He slowly stopped as he was pondering. Who would miss him? Maes went forward, just like his mother. He couldn’t remember a single person, who would mourn or even attend his funeral.
His weapon was with him; it was cool in his palm. He inhaled the damp, cold air deeply; maybe something will change, maybe his mind will clear and he won’t pull the trigger…
The barrel seemed bottomless although he knew that it’s only a span long.
Only one question remained.
“Head or heart? Am I heartless enough that it won’t hurt?”
He fired.


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