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Man... I let it be beta-ed on [livejournal.com profile] betas_guild and I forgot to post it!! O_O But here it is now. XD

Title: Surprises
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance, Yaoi
Pairing: HavocxFury. Support the Military.
Word count: 1354

I’ll be looking forward to giving you a taste in something, that’s far sweeter than the pink icing. )
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This is part of an ongoing AU story, in which, Roy's the tsar of Drachma. The main couple is RoyxMaes but there's a lot more. For example, this part is about a RoyxHavocxEd threesome. NC-17, mansmut, not beta-ed.

for maxxim_huzzah )
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Title: ... (True Light Prologue)
Authors: [livejournal.com profile] kira_k & [livejournal.com profile] okami_hu
Beta: [livejournal.com profile] hime_no_nishi
Rating: PG
Warning: none
Pairing: Havoc x Fury
Summary: “You're such a romantic,” Havoc shook his head with a smile. He really loved his small companion. Even more than anybody would have imagined it.

And here it begins... )
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A little ficcy I wrote sorta of as an answer to [livejournal.com profile] auragirl's "Glass Houses".

Rating: G
Pairing: none (well, if you squint very hard, maybe HavocxEd)
Word count: (a little less than)656

Cigarette )
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I wanna know, where I am with these... If you're interested, check the [livejournal.com profile] 30_lemons

crossed: done
italicized: WIP
small: have an idea

The list of the 30_lemons challenges )
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First fanart! )

*evil cackle*
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Another fic; because the military needs to be supported in every available way.

In love and war )

Comments, constructive criticysm, death treaths marriage proposals and beta-reader offers are all wellcome. And yeah, I know it's old.

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Okay, so these are the drabbles I've written this far and even posted somewhere.

Fury drabbles Consists of five drabbles, all focusing on my favorite sergeant major. Located on Deviantart.com.

The 20-word drabble series (Roy x Fury) 20 drabbles (how surprising...) Located on Deviantart.com.

Military drabbles 12 drabbles, each focusing on one military member. Located on Deviantart.com

Slash drabbles 5 drabbles; ratings go from G to PG-13 perhaps. Does the mentioning of Envy x Wrath worth the PG-13...? Located on Fanfiction.net.

And at last, a double drabble which wasn't written by me; it was done by kira_k. I just translated it because originally it was written in Hungarian. Enjoy.

Char: Roy
Rating: PG-13
Warning: suicide
Spoilers: none

He was cold and his throat felt sore. It was way too early to think clearly but it didn’t matter; walking in the slimly weather (they called that the car had broken down) required no brain activity.
Of course, he couldn’t completely shut off his thoughts – he couldn’t do that even as a simple private.
He remembered his once brave, now unimportant dreams, the battle of powers, the actual office intricacies, but none of those seemed to be important. It was all useless.
Roy smiled bitterly – he was useless as well. He wasn’t a useful member of society; he couldn’t even correct the mistakes of the past!
He slowly stopped as he was pondering. Who would miss him? Maes went forward, just like his mother. He couldn’t remember a single person, who would mourn or even attend his funeral.
His weapon was with him; it was cool in his palm. He inhaled the damp, cold air deeply; maybe something will change, maybe his mind will clear and he won’t pull the trigger…
The barrel seemed bottomless although he knew that it’s only a span long.
Only one question remained.
“Head or heart? Am I heartless enough that it won’t hurt?”
He fired.


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