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For Cofie
Dante + bárki, "az én házam az én váram"

Dante ezüstös szemöldöke felszalad ráncokkal szabdalt homlokán. Sietős léptekkel követi végig a bíbor foltokat a lakkozott padlón, egészen a konyháig, ahol az a hálátlan bestia...
- Envy! Ezerszer megmondtam, hogy legalább takaríts fel magad után!
Gluttony szájában egy roppanással eltűnik az utolsó végtag is, Envy pedig unottan néz, nemtörődöm mozdulattal lengetve a véres kést, de mielőtt kinyithatná a száját, Dante ráripakodik:
- Egy szót se! Amíg az én házamban laksz, fiatalúr, azt teszed, amit mondok! Mars takarítani!
Envy átkokat morog, de engedelmesen – bár lassan - elcaplat a felmosóvödörért. Dante összefonja a karjait, és az égre emeli tekintetét. Hol rontotta el...?
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Snatched from [livejournal.com profile] lenihanfighter. Write a list with 12 characters then answer the 25 questions.

Character list )

Questionnaire )

Answers )

Now, this was fun! XD And now, I'm off to Kíra's party. Won't be back until tomorrow.


Mar. 12th, 2006 03:18 am
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So, FMA Chapter 57 is out and SPOILER Riza's sporting a neat alchemical array tattoed on her back END SPOILER.

The theories are swarming. One is stupider than the other. The worst is when they back up their theories with facts and everything.

Personally, I think Arakawa is merely fucking with our minds. Big time. FMA got out of her hand, she's telling the story the exact same way I used to lead the RPGs as a DM: She knows everything and gives too few details and hints to the readers. Or she assumes that they'll get the hints. Trust me, they don't.

However, contrary to Arakawa, I know I'm doing it wrong. I don't take the role of the DM anymore.
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First fanart! )

*evil cackle*
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A late gift for all those, who deserve it. ^^

Special gift )
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Roy's survey was done by [livejournal.com profile] dana_fields . I thought about it and did Fury's because he's my fave character. ^^

Character survey: Cain Fury )

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Okay, the first one is the actual drabble; I only wrote the second one because I felt like doing it.

2 Music drabbles )
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Eat this! The first contest entry!

Note on the table (the written word challenge)

Dear Sensei,

I know, you’ll be angry with me, and if we meet again, I’ll accept any punishment. But you won’t give me the answers I yearn for, so I have to go to find them on my own.
I have dreams, Sensei and a voice deep inside tells me, that they show me the past and the truth. There’s blood and tears in those dreams but still… My heart feels, that I have to remember.
I hope you won’t come after me, because I’ll flee back. This is my choice; please, accept it.
Faithfully: your ungrateful apprentice, Alphonse Elric
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Seems I missed the deadline (is it only me, or does it change from week to week...?? Oo Plus, I have no idea, why am I straining myself to write the drabbles since it's pretty obvious that nobody reads them. I should have won at least one contest this far. Ah, anyway...

Shivers (fma_100 closed doors challenge)

The door is locked – this is a prison after all.
The dark, cold cell has no windows, so Dolchet can’t see the sky. But the dog-instincts tell him, that it’s full moon.
The short soldier wants to run, to get free; he’s restless and he feels hot, his skin crawls and his head is buzzing. He paces restlessly and shivers from anger and frustration.
Finally, he falls on his knees. He can’t fight the beast sealed inside him anymore. So he raises his head and starts to howl, like a dog; behind these closed doors, maybe nobody else will hear him.


Nov. 27th, 2004 10:04 pm
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Woohoohoo! Today, we had an AnimeCon! And I was there too! It was some nice fun, although I was the only cosplayer there... XD Here, in hungary, cosplaying isn't wide-spread at all. I did it a few times but I'm kinda the only one, who thinks, Cons = Cosplay. I did Bart Fatima once (he's from Xenogears), Vampire Hunter D, and now, Young!Hohenheim!!

Behold: )

I think, the clothes look really nice! And they were there in my wardrobe already. The vest was done when I left "ground school", or what would you call that... ^^;; The shirt is something I have since years but I rarely put on... But now, it was perfect for this ocassion. Oh, the hair color is a photoedit, the original is brown. Anyway, I think, this pic looks really awesome.

If you want to see this image in a little bigger version (1000 pxl width), go here:

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Y’know, I just learned how fucking intimidating it feels when you stumble into a near-suicide note on one of your best friend’s LJ.

”Don’t” )
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I just thought, I might share my madness... This was found on [livejournal.com profile] alxed_lover's journal but the one, who's responsible for this is [livejournal.com profile] kalika_maxwell

"One True Pairing" Ship:  Hughes x Roy (strictly before Gracia)

Canon Ship: Elricest. C'mon, the canon killed everything else.

"If this happens I'll stab my eyes out with a spork": Hayate x Den. Gluttony or Chimera!Tucker x anyone (OMGWTF Chimera!Tucker x Soulless!Nina... OO"")

"You are one sick bastard": Envy x Ed, Envy x Al, Sloth x Wrath (Envy shall die)

"It's like a car crash": MachoSeme!Greed x BlushingUke!Hohenheim

"Tickles my fancy but not sold quite yet" 'Ship: Greed x Martel. Roy x Fury, although I'm writing one at the moment... Greed x Dolchet, although there are these girls called [livejournal.com profile] miss_anael  and [livejournal.com profile] laylah_l ... Scar x Rose, definitely.

"Makes no canon sense but why the hell not" 'Ship: Fury x Dolchet, Al x Fury

"Everyone else loves it but I just don't feel it" 'Ship: Anybody x Winry. I'm not getting that girl. And Roy x Hawkeye. It's a complete no-no in my mind

"Be Very Afraid" ‘Ship: Young!Farman x Hohenheim

"Guilty Pleasure" Ship: Envy x Wrath, Kimblee x Archer/Greed

"I can't believe I read it and liked it" Ship: Hohenheim x Envy 

"Favorite older/younger" Ship: Roy x Al, Scar x Al

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Just some Roy x Ed smut for your delight only. XD


Tables Turning )



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It's dark, I'm sitting on class and have nothing to do and I'm forced to listen to U2. It's not that bad but it ruined my mood big time. Thust this depressed little drabble.


It’s raining and she stares out into the grey, colorless world. It’s quite fitting. She’s just as grey in the inside.
She began to fade with their first lovemaking and as the days pass, she feels the colors slipping away from her. The passing days brought revelation. She was wrong all the time. He’s burning still, with bright colors of blue, red, orange and yellow; even the black is so alive on him.
She thought, the world was colorful, when he finally got up from the bed. She was wrong.
Without love, the world is colorless. And so is she.
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It Hurts…

Black. Blue. Red.
The black sky; the blue uniform on the chair and the red-red-red anger that consumes him and burns away his whole being.
Fury hates with passion. Hates it all; being the small, the young and the overlooked. The others either treat him like a child or don’t even recognize him. And it hurts badly. He desperately wants them to see him, to handle him as an equal.
Red anger suffocates him, black sky weights him down and the uniform’s blue reminds him, that tomorrow, there will be another day to make through without snapping under the tension.

Deppressive, but I was like this too... Poor Fury.
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Drabble for fma_100's Disguise/Costumes contest

Monsters )
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Another fic; because the military needs to be supported in every available way.

In love and war )

Comments, constructive criticysm, death treaths marriage proposals and beta-reader offers are all wellcome. And yeah, I know it's old.


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