Aug. 12th, 2006 02:36 am
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Shame on you, guys. Three claims. Feh. // Szégyellje magát mindenki, aki nem reagált a postra. ><
Like a Fairy Tale, A Leghűségesebb Társak, Királyi Kegy )

And this one's for myself.

He’s like a refreshing spring shower on the loose – Demyx comes, does something unexpected which leaves the rest of the Organization gaping, grinning, or at occasions, screaming bloody murder but whatever occurs, Demyx is the one who avoids punishment the easiest way.
He has no heart, of course he hasn’t but he surely acts as if he had one. His music is moving, his laughter is cheerful, he dances like a butterfly – others recall their memories of the times they still had their hearts much easier in his near. They suppose, that’s why the leader keeps him around: because Demyx is hope.
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At ep55. )
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Swords clashed with a beautiful sound, a shower of sparkles fell as the two young warriors continued their duel. Gentle breeze cooled their sweating brows, the shadow of the trees painted dark patterns on their uniforms.

Renji jumped back and grinned widely. “Better and better, neh, Kira?”

“Just like you,” the blond youth laughed. Lowering his sword, he bowed. “You’ll be Lieutenant once.”

Renji smiled, his head tilted to the side. Kira’s eyes shone with admiration and… Maybe with something else as well. The crimson-haired young man couldn’t deny that it pleased him much.

“Just like you,” he nodded finally.
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After sundown, he sat in his sparsely furnished dorm room, alone and aching, crying like never before. The tears burned his eyes and he desperately fought them, gritting his teeth and digging his nails into his palm until it bled but with no avail.

The sadness gnawed on his inside like a hungry dog and Renji wept, selfishly mourning over his loss. For even though Rukia deserved every tiny bit of happiness Fate decided to throw at her, even though he was truly happy for her and wished her the best and even better…

Renji was about to loose her.

You can tell that ep 32 had some effect on me, huh? Damn, this show is good. And Renji is so friggin' pretty. And OMGWTF, the drabble is het.


Feb. 8th, 2006 04:03 am
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If I cosplay Kuchiki Rukia on the next Con, will somebody be my Renji?


I think I'm in love.
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you`re in deep shit....
6th Division.

Wich Shinigami Division do you belong to?
brought to you by Quizilla

Maaaaan, I'm so seriously dead. Byakuya-sama will kill me... T_T My only hope is to get befriended with Renji, maybe he'll save my ass if I look nicely at him...


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