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Anonymous Asked:
That slave AU is disturbing why is that a thing

Me: Why is it that you feel the need to hide behind a gray face, when your concerns are perfectly valid?

Why do I believe that all these stupid messages come from the same person?

Why do you think that it is disturbing, when you don’t even have an idea what transpires in the story that isn’t even written?

Why can’t you accept that different countries have different sensitivities about the same topic?

Why are you incapable of explaining why this is a crime, instead of just parroting ‘this is wrong’?

Why can’t you just let me do it then laugh as I stand there, mortified, berated by a dozen POCs for my insensitivity?

Why am I convinced that you’re as white as me, trying to act like a defender of justice in stead of those who are supposed to feel hurt by this?

Why is it a problem that I want to dress up prettily?

So many questions and no answer in sight. =3

Darling, I’m European. I’m not going to get a panic attack just because you accuse me of something. Every single person I told of this was looking at me, confused, asking what was wrong with cosplaying a pretty elf from a fantasy world. Even if he happens to own slaves.


kosmonauttihai: I can appreciate an Anders in a skirt, but I fail to see why it needs to involve a slavery AU.

A quick glance at your blog tells me you’ve already been informed that slavery AUs are racist. A look a bit deeper into your blog brings up it’s actually supposed to be a couple cosplay, with the character you ship this one with as the slave master.

I’m not the least bit surprised you’ve gotten anons “with slavery issues”. You’re treating a horrible, violent, dehumanizing thing real people have gone through, in various ways still go through, as romantic, with no regard for people who find it traumatic. The words “butthurt” and “bullying” as well as that “anything that riles some [ableist slur] up should be done” come up in what you’ve said about the people criticizing you about this. Not that being an ignorant child would make it okay, either, but aren’t you 35 years old (according to the deviantart account linked on your blog), an adult.

Perhaps you’ll believe this better coming from another white person: you’re not being victimized here. Please stop acting like telling you that something you are doing is racist is a worse offense than being racist. You’re not being brave here, but cruel.

Me: Oh, I’m not feeling like a victim, trust me. The misguided attempts to paint me racist amuse me; I enjoy trying to weasel some sort of explanation out of you, as to why exactly this bothers you this much.

In my country, there’s a custom at cons: girls leading around their friends or boyfriends on a leash. That is about as much a perfect picture of slavery as it gets. And guess what: no-one cares. No-one. We might roll our eyes, but we’re too preoccupied with having fun to even think of slavery in passing.

I’m not going to offend anyone here, and I’m only offending you as long as you choose to look at my posts. Block me, go ahead, blacklist Tevinter!AU; you don’t NEED to look at it and feel uncomfortable and enraged. You’re not going to change my opinion that cosplaying morally questionable characters is not offensive.

Are we trying to protect the fictional kids from the fictional pedos again…?

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